SYRIOPS’ Aerospace Services

SYRIOPS is proficient with many aspects of the aerospace industry, in particular engineering. Our experience and technical know how gives us solid confidence in supplying superior solutions to our clients. The services available are:

Professional Technical Services:

  • Analysis (Engines, Mechanical, Structural etc);
  • Compliance Investigation;
  • Engineering Order Development;
  • Engineering Reports (Defects, Engines, Structural etc);
  • Engineering Support;
  • Engineering Work Instructions;
  • Flight Manual Supplement Development;
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Development;
  • Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD);
  • Overflow Assistance;
  • Product Development (from design concept to full scale production);
  • Project Management (from contract negotiations to final acceptance);
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Engineering;
  • Research and Design;
  • Special Mission Fit-outs;
  • Specification Development;
  • Structural Repairs and Modifications;
  • Supplemental Type Certificate Development (CASA and FAA);
  • Systems Safety Engineering;
  • Technical Consultancy;
  • Validation;
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drafting (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, SolidWorks) and more…

SYRIOPS’ Aerospace Design Compliance

SYRIOPS has experience with ensuring compliance of products, repairs or modifications to a vast range of aircraft regulations and design standards. These being:

  • Advisory Circulars (CASA and FAA);
  • Boeing Standards;
  • CAR1988/CASR1998;
  • Civil Aviation Advisory Publication’s;
  • Civil Aviation Order’s;
  • FAR PART 23 – Airworthiness Standards – Normal, Utility, Acrobatic and Commuter Category Airplanes;
  • FAR PART 25 – Airworthiness Standards – Transport Category Airplanes;
  • FAR PART 33 – Airworthiness Standards – Aircraft Engines;
  • Military Standards;
  • OEM Design Data; and
  • SAE Aerospace Standards.

SYRIOPS’ Aerospace Experience

SYRIOPS has acquired its professional experience from basic repairs and modifications right through to exclusive high profile defence contracts for the Royal Australian Air Force and Army. We cater for all jobs, both great and small. We strive to provide a centre of multi-skilled services for the convenience of our clients. Following is a brief list of experience and capabilities:

  • Aircraft Locks;
  • Aircraft Tie Downs;
  • BOEING 747 Interior Re-configurations;
  • Cabin Cargo Restraints;
  • Cabin Displays;
  • Cabin Seats;
  • Cabinets (Special and General);
  • Cargo Door Installations;
  • Cargo Mirrors;
  • DC – AC Inverter Installations;
  • Engine Compressor Wash Drain Kits;
  • FDR Installations;
  • FLIR Installations;
  • Galleys;
  • GPS Installations;
  • HF Installations;
  • Life Raft Ejector Systems;
  • RFDS, RAAF and ARMY Special Mission Fit-outs;
  • Satellite Phone Installations;
  • Sealed Honeycomb Level Floors;
  • Side Facing Seat Occupant Restraints;
  • Stretcher Lifter Devices;
  • Structural Provisions for Surveillance Camera;
  • Turbocharger and Supercharger Systems;
  • Windscreen Sun Visors;
  • Wing Lockers and more…