SYRIOPS’ Automotive Services

SYRIOPS is very passionate about its automotive division as this was the first industry in which the director commenced developing his portfolio of both hands-on and professional engineering experience. This elite experience has flowed through the company and formed the company mind set to be superior in the products and services we provide. The automotive services SYRIOPS has to offer its clients (but not limited to) are:

Professional and Hands-on Technical Services:

  • Analysis (Differentials, Engines, Gearboxes etc);
  • Company Vehicle Fleet Maintenance;
  • Compliance Investigation;
  • Engine Conversions;
  • Engine Modifications and Servicing;
  • Engineering Support;
  • Gearbox Conversions;
  • Gearbox Modifications and Servicing;
  • Inspections—Engines and Gearboxes;
  • Overflow Assistance;
  • Overhauls (Complete and Partial (Standard, Street, Strip));
  • Performance Modifications (Camshafts, Cyl Heads, Intercooling, Supercharging, Turbocharging, Shift Kits, Trans-brakes etc);
  • Product Development (from design concept to full scale production);
  • Project Management (from contract negotiations to final acceptance);
  • Servicing (Timing Belts, Head gaskets, Oil, Plugs, Filters, Water Pumps etc);
  • Research and Design;
  • Special Vehicle Fit-outs;
  • Specification Development;
  • Structural Modifications;
  • Structural Repair (Collision Repair);
  • Technical Consultancy;
  • Validation;
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drafting (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, SolidWorks) and more…

SYRIOPS’ Automotive Design Compliance

SYRIOPS has experience with ensuring compliance of products, repairs or modifications to a vast range of regulations and design standards. These being:

  • Administrators Circulars;
  • OEM Design Data;
  • SAE Automotive Standards;
  • Second Edition of the Australian Design Rules;
  • Third Edition of the Australian Design Rules;
  • Trailer Design Rules;
  • Vehicle Inspection Bulletins;
  • Vehicle Standards Bulletins; and
  • Vehicle Standards Information Sheets.

SYRIOPS’ Automotive Experience

SYRIOPS has developed its portfolio of automotive experience through many years of hands-on and professional works. Following is a brief list of experience and capabilities:

  • Carburettor to Fuel Injection Conversions;
  • Custom Stereo Design;
  • Custom Turbo and Supercharger Systems;
  • Design and Testing of Performance Modifications;
  • DVD Entertainment Installation Design;
  • ECU Installation and Tunning;
  • Engine Conversion Design and Installation;
  • Engine Rebuilding from Standard to Competition;
  • Gearbox Conversion Design and Installation;
  • GPS Installation Design;
  • Hands Free Kit Installation Design;
  • Oversight of Structural Modifications;
  • Oversight of Structural Repairs (Collison Repair);
  • Rear Parachute Installation Design;
  • Rear Spoiler Installation Design;
  • Roll Cage Installation Design;
  • Seat Design;
  • Shortened Shifter Design;
  • Steering Wheel Design;
  • System Design of R12 to R134a Conversion;
  • ½ , ¾ and full Chassis Design and more…

Theo Syriopoulos