Building / Construction

SYRIOPS’ Building and Construction Services

SYRIOPS is enthusiastic in being part of the building and construction industry. The specialist skill set required to execute complex projects is available for our customers to benefit.  The services available are:

Professional and Hands-on Technical Services:

  • Additions (Extensions, First Floor etc);
  • Alterations (Wall Openings, Wall removals etc);
  • Analysis (Walls, Floors, Openings etc);
  • Architectural Design;
  • Building Maintenance and Repairs – Interior and Exterior (Bathroom Renovations, Cleaning, Fence and Gates, Concreting, Floor Sanding and Polishing, Garage Door Installations and Repairs, Guttering, Kitchen Renovations, Laundry, Renovations, Lawn Cutting, Gardening and Landscaping, Painting, Paving, Pergola & Decking, Roof Repairs, Rubbish Removal, Tiling etc);
  • Building Modifications (Interior and Exterior);
  • Commercial Fit-outs (Cafés, Restaurants, Take Aways etc);
  • Compliance Investigation;
  • Development Applications for Council Approval (Sound repor with local councils);
  • Engineering Support;
  • House Plans;
  • Office Fit-outs;
  • Overflow Assitance;
  • Product Development (from design concept to full scale production);
  • Project Analysis;
  • Project Briefs;
  • Project Feasibility;
  • Project Independent Review;
  • Project Management (from contract negotiations to final acceptance);
  • Research and Design;
  • Retail Fit-outs (Clothing, Shoes, Sports shops etc);
  • Specification Development;
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drafting (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, SolidWorks) and more…

SYRIOPS’ Building and Construction Design Compliance

SYRIOPS has experience with ensuring compliance of products, repairs or modifications to a vast range of regulations and design standards. These being:

  • Australian Standards;
  • Building Codes of Australia Volume 1;
  • Building Codes of Australia Volume 2;
  • Building Legislation and Regulatory Requirements;
  • Local Applicable Council Codes;
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2010; and
  • OEM Design Data.

SYRIOPS’ Building and Construction Experience

SYRIOPS’ building and construction experience is constantly expanding to meet the rapid changing requirements of its customers. Following is a brief list of experience and capabilities:

  • Aluminium and PVC Exterior Cladding;
  • Design / Manufacture / Installation of Exterior Timber Deck;
  • Fit New Paneled Doors (Interior and Exterior);
  • Fit New Skirting Boards and Architraves;
  • Increase Internal Openings from 0.9m to 2m (Load and Non-Load Bearing Walls);
  • Installation of 1.5m x 1.5m Spa;
  • Installation of 1.8m Sliding Window;
  • Installation of Fire Alarm;
  • Installation of Vertical Venetian Blinds;
  • Lay Floor and Wall tiles (Steps Included);
  • New Bathroom Installation;
  • New Kitchen Installation;
  • New Laundry Installation;
  • Paint Interior of House Using Water and Oil Based Paints;
  • Plasterboard Installation to Walls and Ceilings;
  • Provide 2.5m Openings In Load Bearing Exterior Wall and Fit a Glass Sliding Door;
  • Sand and Polish Floor Boards and more…

Residential Hands-on Works: No parts and labour over $5000 (inc GST) per task.